Full-Time Job: iOS Software Engineer, San Francisco, CA (OpenTable)


Job Title: iOS Engineer

Job location: San Francisco, CA

Employer: OpenTable

Employment Type: Full-Time Job

Job Description


We understand mobile (and how important it is)

We started off as a consumer website more than 10 years ago. We are on track to become a consumer mobile company that happens to have a wired website.

Our app has been on the store since 2009. We’re one of the rare companies that can claim to be integrated with Siri. On top of that, we have been prominently featured in the last two iPhone launch events.

We are an engineering driven organization

We’re a tech company first and foremost, backed by very sharp Product teams that have a thorough understanding of the restaurant industry.

The best product ideas are nothing if they can’t be executed properly at high scale, and upper management knows that. Engineers drive innovation, and constantly challenge status quo. Each team member can have a meaningful impact on the product, hence the company’s future.


What you will be working on

You will be part of the small and highly talented iOS consumer team, taking our universal app to next level – payments, personalization, social (that’s not corporate-speak for “Facebook integration”).

You’ll implement number of new features, explore prototypes with our in-house design team and work with our machine learning team to take our recommendations to the next level. We operate at a high scale, your work will be used by millions every day.

Our roadmap is packed, and we’re done playing catch up with the website, so it’s all mobile only now.

About you

You are a solid engineer, with an appetite for knowledge and a deep understanding of native mobile apps specificities —resource constraints, deployment issues, very short usage spans etc. You also have good knowledge of the main iOS core frameworks —UIKit, CoreGraphics, CoreAnimation, GCD. You’re more than familiar with Objective-C, and your Object Oriented skills don’t pale.

Most and foremost, you are a pragmatic, quick learner, with very good analytical and problem solving skills. Maintainability is key at our scale, and a slightly slower but more robust code is often preferable to the very clever faster solution.

You are easy to work with and communicate well with others. You also enjoy learning from others, and teaching them about your skills.

Also, you are NOT a rock star. Rock stars cost too much in damaged hotel rooms anyway.

Ninjas are welcome when they’re not too stealthy, though.

How we work:

We’re agile, and that’s not just a buzzword —we use a Kanban board and reprioritize stories and features as need (wink, wink, iOS 7 8 ;-)). We’re small and we move fast. We sometimes break things, and learn from it.

We embrace open source —CocoaPods, AFNetworking, TimesSquare, KIF. We don’t just use it, we contribute back when needed.

We’re also bleeding edge. Technology evolves too fast in the mobile space for us to sit aside a wait for something to gain traction, so we try to set the trend.

We pay off technical debt early and learn from past mistakes. All iOS 6 specific code? Gone. NSURLConnection? You mean NSURLSession, right :) Oh, hello TextKit! where have you been all my life?


  • Beautiful office, located in downtown San Francisco, across the street from Bart, with the usual perks (loaded kitchen, pool table, xbox on a big screen TV, a bunch of comfy couches etc.)
  • Regular parties in the office
  • MeetUp hosting
  • Generous benefits (flexible schedule, time off, great health/dental coverage)
  • RSUs —OpenTable employee have direct interest in the company


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  • Reddit
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