Full-Time Job: iOS Engineer, Palo Alto, CA (Mixbook)

Job Title: iOS Engineer

Job location: Palo Alto, CA

Employer: Mixbook

Employment Type: Full-Time Job

Job Description


‘My Mosaic book is exquisite.’ — Jon Mitchell, ReadWrite

‘You’re the first ones that really grasp mobile.’ — Steven Levy, Bloomberg TV

‘This is one of my favorite gifts for the season.’ — Lilliana Vazquez,The Today Show

You’ll lead the charge on the next generation of the best photo book creation app avaiable for the iPhone. On Nov 1st, 2012 we shipped v1 of Mosaic–our first mobile experiment and one that quickly found a passionate audience. You’ll finish the features we didn’t have time to do right in v1, take steps to improve stability, and then help create the new features that will blow people’s minds when v2 releases.

We’ve assembled a team that’s doing the best work of their lives and who strive to create something remarkable in its power and simplicity. We are looking for a lead-level engineer that wants to make something outstanding and who sweats the details–from the subtle touch interactions that create an intuitive feel to the choices of how to organize the classes in the app.

iOS Engineer | Requirements:

  • An insatiable passion for creating stable, high quality code. You’re the one QA complains about because they can’t find any bugs when you handoff a build.
  • Plays well with others.
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science from an oustanding program.
  • 5+ years professional software development experience with C++,Objective-C, or Java.
  • 2+ years iOS experience. Lead developer on 1 or more (substantial) apps in the store.

iOS Engineer | Preferred:

  • The more experience with Objective-C, desktop, iOS, or otherwise, the better.
  • Been around the block 20 times with C++. Made all the stupid mistakes with memory management and pointer math years ago.
  • A penchant for fixing hard to repro and hard to fix iOS crash bugs.
  • Experience with: Xcode Instruments, interpeting crash logs, using crash logging tools (i.e. Crittercism), best practices for bulletproofing iOS code, best practices for instrumenting iOS code to facilitate tracking down bugs, and advanced crash troubleshooting techniques.
  • A strong capability with OpenGL would be awesome.

We Offer

Love. We help human beings deepen relationships with the people they care about most. Our customers use Mosaic to share the everyday moments as well as the biggest moments in their lives with their friends and families. Its easy enough to buy a generic widget and put wrapping paper around it. Its easy enough to share a photo on Facebook. But Mosaic customers are looking to give a more meaningful, thoughtful gift, they are looking to make something that is personal and will be cherished for years to come. If you’re not doing something that does more to increase the love and connection between people in the world than that, you should come here and help make the world a better place.

Glory. We aren’t going for something incremental here–we are making the best experience we can imagine. You’ll be working hand-in-hand with smart, driven people that want to push the boundries and set the bar for UX not just within our industry but within the mobile space. We’ve made something remarkable and we are committed to raising the bar with each major release. Join us and use Mosaic as a platform to show off the best you can do to an audience of millions.

Money. We pay well and offer good benefits including health, dental, vision, and 401k. We had our first profitable year in 2009, revenues grew over 300% in 2011, and we’ve kept the company small–each person that joins has a substantial stake in our success. We are a small but treacherous part of a $25B industry that’s ripe for disruption and our roadmap is a combination of low hanging fruit (with which we likely double revenues in under a year, again) plus weapons of mass disruption that will transform the industry and set us on an even steeper growth trajectory.

Company Description:

Founded in 2007 by a couple of engineers from UC Berkeley and based in Palo Alto, CA, Mixbook is the most frightening competitive threat in the photo printing and photo sharing space if you’re Shutterfly or Snapfish. To millions of others we’re known for offering the best photo book and photo Card creation experience available, making it possible for folks to create a truly unique and personal gift of the memories they cherish.


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