Full-Time Job: iOS Engineer, San Francisco, CA (Foodspotting)


Job Title: iOS Engineer

Job location: San Francisco, CA

Employer: Foodspotting

Employment Type: Full-Time Job

Job Description


Foodspotting is the first and leading mobile app for finding and rating dishes. We’re looking for a design-minded iPhone developer who is relentless about the implementation details that will make Foodspotting easiest way to stumble upon good food wherever you go.

As part of a small, agile development team, you’ll have the opportunity to shape a product and business model from its earliest days in a fun, flexible and of course food-filled environment.

iOS Engineer | Requirements:

  • Show us that you’ve built, shipped and refined high quality apps for iPhone, Android and/or other platforms.
  • You’ve created dynamic apps and know how to create a seamless conversation between client and server via RESTful APIs.
  • You have an eye for good design and know when a pixel is out of place.
  • You respect the respective human interface guidelines and put them to use, but also know how and when to extend them.
  • Your code is logical, streamlined and elegant.
  • You’ve demonstrated that you can manage finite resources well: Memory, battery life, data usage and users’ patience.

iOS Engineer | Preferred:

  • You can develop for more than one platform — or aren’t afraid to try — and create apps that look and feel native to each.
  • You can create your own visual UI assets that look and feel like native controls.
  • You’re not afraid to tackle the complexities of location-based app development head on, such as working with large data sets, targeting information based on context and location, tastefully putting push notifications to use.
  • You’re attentive to metrics and user needs and can measure the impact of design decisions.
  • You can balance user requests with the bigger vision for Foodspotting.


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  • Twitter
  • Myspace
  • Google Buzz
  • Reddit
  • Stumnleupon
  • Delicious
  • Digg
  • Technorati